Molder of Dreams

My mother handed me a Focus on the Family book the other day titled, Molder of Dreams written by Guy Rice Doud in 1990. As she handed me the book, she stated, “I thought of you”. I find this interesting as I am also reading Let Us Be What We Are (first published in 1978; 2012) written by Clarence J. Enzler.

I had been “lost” so to speak over the past year wherein I made a conscious effort to reflect upon my faith and how my attitude has changed as a result of the ambiguity of my journey.

I had been wondering “What must I do”? As an individual striving to help others, I had forgotten that I needed to focus on my inner life…which is very much a part of “all of me”. I was missing the target while “putting on my new self” because I took my eyes off my spirituality and faith which is one of my protective factors.

Protective factors contribute to resiliency.

Both of these books have reminded me that I am a foundations builder. I have a significant ‘job’ to do. I have the desire and ability to shape and mold others’ lives. I am a branch. I can plant a seed.

I can be genuine. I can be nonjudgmental. I can give back what individuals in my life have given to me…to inspire change, support growth, and mold dreams. Those individuals made a lasting impression…they are individuals who taught me something about life that I haven’t forgotten. They made my list.

I learned good things from some individuals and bad things from others. My point is this…the individuals on my lists-good or bad-helped to shape and mold my life and my dreams. You are going to be on someone’s list. Which list…is up to you.

Engage the youth and young adults in your homes and communities…be genuine, respectful and sensitivehelp promote other protective factors such as safety, a sense of satisfaction, and positive socialization

Be a ‘Molder of their Dreams’.  Be a lifeline.  Be instrumental in helping someone make a change.

I encourage teachers, community health workers, coaches, pastors, nurses, law enforcement members, peers, and the general public to take this basic course to begin developing their mental health literacy as well as to learn the 5-step action plan to build confidence in how to respond to an adult or a young person experiencing a mental health crisis or in emotional distress…because how we respond to one another sets the precedence for our effectiveness.

Advocating for individuals living in rural Nebraska,

Annette McClure

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