Resiliency is the capacity to overcome life’s challenges.  When you have resilience, you have an inner strength that helps you roll with the punches.  To improve your resilience:

Stay Connected or Get Connected.  Build strong, positive relationships with loved ones and friends that can provide you with needed support and acceptance in both good times and bad times.

Make your “every day” a meaningful day.  Do something that gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  Set a goal to help you look to the future and find meaning.

Learn from experience.  Think about how you have coped with trials and hardship in the past.  Identify the positive and negative behavior patterns…drop the negative behavior and focus on how you can “enhance” and “empower” and “improve” your positive behavior.

Remain hopeful.  You cannot change the past…yet you can accept the past and change…to look forward to a new “chapter” for your future.

Take care of yourself.  Remember to tend to your own needs and feelings.  Take part in activities you enjoy.  Include physical activity, getting sleep, eating a healthy diet, and practice stress management and relaxation techniques.

Be proactive.  Figure out what needs to be done, make a plan and move into action.  It can take time to recover from a major setback, traumatic event or loss, know that your situation can improve if you work at it.

If you don’t feel you’re making progress or you don’t know where to start…consider talking to a mental health provider or a life coach or a career counselor or the school counselor or a teacher or a adult.  With some guidance and support, you can improve your well-being and your resiliency.